Build 1033:
1. SSH: Right click to paste instead of showing history.
2. SSH: Added History button in toolbar.

Build 1032:
1. RDP: Make multi-monitor works when menu bar is hidden or always displayed on macOS.
2. SSH: Fixed recording file not saved issue when SSH server is restarted.

Build 1031:
1. Allow sub directories in the __record_name parameter.
2. SSH: NumpadEnter key is also supported during login.

Build 1030:
1. RDP: Fixed a cipher suite issue with RD Webfeed integration.
2. OAUTH: Added auth_uri for oauth2.json.
3. Rename “kerberos.realm” to “kerberos.kdc” in gateway.conf.

Build 1029:
1. VNC: Dialog to allow user to enter password if it failed to login.
2. VNC: Better QEMU extension key compatibility with consol/debian-xfce-vnc container.

Build 1028
1. Fixed duplicated parameters in the WebSocket URL when the client is reconnecting.
2. SSH: Fixed a copying issue after scrolling in editor.

Build 1027
1. VNC: better compatibility when RFB version is 4.

Build 1026
1. Fixed a issue with authorization = Basic (gateway.conf)
2. RDP: added added rdp.sessionInfo.joiners and oncontrolchange(sessionInfo)
3. SSH: added ssh.cache (gateway.conf) to enable/disable SSH history cache for joined sessions (default is true).
4. Better file type name for file manager.

Build 1025
1. RDP: allow set up “clientHost” in users.json.

Build 1024
1. RDP: Fixed a copying file to shared drive issue.
2. Always disable session id reuse on joined sessions.

Build 1023
1. RDP: fixed mouse release issue when it’s running in iframe.
2. PROXY: fixed HTTP proxy path issue.
3. UI: Added HTTP Proxy UI and loadBalanceInfo for RDP.
4. Kerberos authentication can be enabled with kerberos.realm in gateway.conf.

Build 1022
1. SSH: Fixed “\n” not handled issue in command list(cmdList).
2. RDP: Session id parameters are disabled by default (Reuse session id). Turn on with = true in gateway.conf.

Build 1021
1. RDP: Reuse session id if user refresh the browser or reconnect.
2. RDP: Fixed wrong default time zone name issue.
3. RDP: Fixed a IE11 compatibility issue.
4. SSH: Fixed a line wrapping issue.
5. SSH: Multiple commands are not allowed if command white list is enabled.

Build 1020
1. SSH: Fixed a JSON format error.

Build 1019
1. SSH: Fixed a bug with command white list.
2. RDP: Fixed orientationchange issue on mobile browsers.
3. Fixed toolbar compatibility issue with jquery on mobile devices.
4. Agent 2.7 (Windows) fixed a authentication issue with ePass2000.

Build 1018
1. RDP: Fixed multiple mouse buttons clicking/dragging at the same time issue.

Build 1017
1. Fixed two mouse button pressing at the same time issue.
2. New com.toremote.gateway.plugin.HttpAccessInterface, so plugin can verify proxy access.

public class SimpleManager implements ManagerInterface, HttpAccessInterface {
public void onAccess(HttpHeader header) throws HttpException{
System.out.println(“Is Proxy: ” + Proxy.isProxy(header));
// throw new HttpException(403, “Forbidden”);

public void afterAccess(HttpHeader header) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

3. RDP: New “dpi” parameter.
4. Won’t send SMB URL to use if the format is invalid.
5. Increased connection timeout (for slow network).

Build 1016
1. Better time zone handling.
2. Fixed a Chrome/Edge crash issue on specific web sites when time zone redirection is enabled.

Build 1015
1. Allow playback of the recordings from recdir if you set = true in gateway.conf.
2. No need to include dvc_*.js in player.html.

Build 1014
1. Attach local printers on Windows (native agent is needed).

Build 1013 (6.2)

With version 6.2 of SparkView, another development milestone has been reached.

Please download this new release and update your servers.