Build 1018
1. RDP: Fixed multiple mouse buttons clicking/dragging at the same time issue.

Build 1017
1. Fixed two mouse button pressing at the same time issue.
2. New com.toremote.gateway.plugin.HttpAccessInterface, so plugin can verify proxy access.

public class SimpleManager implements ManagerInterface, HttpAccessInterface {
public void onAccess(HttpHeader header) throws HttpException{
System.out.println(“Is Proxy: ” + Proxy.isProxy(header));
// throw new HttpException(403, “Forbidden”);

public void afterAccess(HttpHeader header) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

3. RDP: New “dpi” parameter.
4. Won’t send SMB URL to use if the format is invalid.
5. Increased connection timeout (for slow network).

Build 1016
1. Better time zone handling.
2. Fixed a Chrome/Edge crash issue on specific web sites when time zone redirection is enabled.

Build 1015
1. Allow playback of the recordings from recdir if you set = true in gateway.conf.
2. No need to include dvc_*.js in player.html.

Build 1014
1. Attach local printers on Windows (native agent is needed).

Build 1013 (6.2)

With version 6.2 of SparkView, another development milestone has been reached.

Please download this new release and update your servers.