Build 996
1. RDP: Fixed copying file not working issue when mapDisk is disabled.
2. Added in gateway.conf (file.filter is for uploading).

Build 995
1. RDP: Supports Smart Card Sign-in with new ‘passwordIsPin’ parameter.

Build 994
1. SparkGateway.jar works in Java 8 if SNMP is not enabled.

Build 993 (6.1)
1. RDP: WebUSB based USB redirection.
2. RDP: No temporary file generated on gateway when you copy a file from the server.
3. RDP: New cipherSuitesClient in gateway.conf to configure the cipher suites used in RDP connection.
4. RDP: New “enforce” value for credSSP entry in gateway.conf.
5. RDP: RDP server plugin for monitor server (15).
6. RDP: New toolsdir entry in gateway.conf which will be automatically redirected as a drive and run the RDP plugin for the monitor server (15).
7. RDP: Fixed “Access denied” issue when downloading a file with Alternated Data Streams.
8. RDP: Workaround for Chrome full screen bug 1281939.
9. SSH: New cmdList parameter for SSH command whitelist or blacklist.
10. SSH: Supports BCrypt encrypted key file and PKCS#8 format, and aes-256-ctr private key.
11. SNMP support.
12. New sessiondashboard.html reference implementation for session notification.
13. Don’t trust connections from localhost in config.html and API with trustLocal = false in gateway.conf.
14. Fixed a UPN login issue on Active Directory integration.
15. Standalone Monitor Server for monitoring, event logging.
16. Fixed downloading issue when files includes special characters.
Incompatibility warning: Java 9 or later versions are required if SNMP is enabled (Please update to build 994).