Build 1000
1. Support VMWare web console (./html//vmware/index.html, index2.html, need to turn on proxy support: set http.proxy.enable = true in gateway.conf);

Build 999
1. SSH: reduced memory/CPU usage on gateway.
2. SSH: new CommandFilterInterface for monitoring commands in plugin.
3. Added getHeader() method on com.toremote.recording.Merger to get metadata from recording files.
4. The session HTTP API returns loadbalanceTokenName and value too.
5. Experimental proxy support to use gateway as a jump host (To turn it on: set http.proxy.enable = true in gateway.conf).

Build 998
1. VNC: Added vnc.ciphers in gateway.conf for VNC TLS encryption.
2. SSH: Added ssh.ciphers in gaetway.conf for SSH encryption.

Build 997
1. RDP: Fixed a failed to copy file issue when the file has specific size.
2. Added SessionInformation argument in com.toremote.gateway.plugin.Filterable.pipe method.
3. sessionRecord value will be returned too when you query information for a single session with the HTTP Session API.

Build 996
1. RDP: Fixed copying file not working issue when mapDisk is disabled.
2. Added in gateway.conf (file.filter is for uploading).

Build 995
1. RDP: Supports Smart Card Sign-in with new ‘passwordIsPin’ parameter.

Build 994
1. SparkGateway.jar works in Java 8 if SNMP is not enabled.

Build 993 (6.1)
1. RDP: WebUSB based USB redirection.
2. RDP: No temporary file generated on gateway when you copy a file from the server.
3. RDP: New cipherSuitesClient in gateway.conf to configure the cipher suites used in RDP connection.
4. RDP: New “enforce” value for credSSP entry in gateway.conf.
5. RDP: RDP server plugin for monitor server (15).
6. RDP: New toolsdir entry in gateway.conf which will be automatically redirected as a drive and run the RDP plugin for the monitor server (15).
7. RDP: Fixed “Access denied” issue when downloading a file with Alternated Data Streams.
8. RDP: Workaround for Chrome full screen bug 1281939.
9. SSH: New cmdList parameter for SSH command whitelist or blacklist.
10. SSH: Supports BCrypt encrypted key file and PKCS#8 format, and aes-256-ctr private key.
11. SNMP support.
12. New sessiondashboard.html reference implementation for session notification.
13. Don’t trust connections from localhost in config.html and API with trustLocal = false in gateway.conf.
14. Fixed a UPN login issue on Active Directory integration.
15. Standalone Monitor Server for monitoring, event logging.
16. Fixed downloading issue when files includes special characters.
Incompatibility warning: Java 9 or later versions are required if SNMP is enabled (Please update to build 994).