Build 974
1. Supports OTP code (two factor authentication) on Radius integration.
2. Supports transferCredential property on Radius integration.

Build 972
1. RDP: Fixed copy issue from the non-primary monitor when multi-monitor is enabled.
2. RDP: Better audio input device detection.

Build 971 (6.0.0)
1. Supports native RDP shadowing. You can use shadow.html to shadow any active RDP sessions.
2. Better audio encoding with new thread.
3. Better resolution changes support in session recording.
4. Fixed recorded session playback issue when the resolution is wrong.
5. Spark View becomes a free personal version by default (allow 2 concurrent sessions) if a license file was not found.

Incompatibility warning: audiorecorder_min.js is added and it’ll be loaded by the library automatically. Make sure you deploy it along with other JS files.