Build 967
1. Fixed microphone audio quality issue on ZOOM meeting which happens on Windows 10.
2. Fixed “You Position” button not working issue for file uploading.

Build 966
1. File content is allowed for keyfile parameter in SSH.
2. Set rec.timestampSubDir = false to disable timestamp subdirectory for recording.
3. rec.begin.exec and rec.end.exec for running an application before or after the session is recorded. Arguments: fileName, server, user, sessionId.
4. Directories are allowed in __record_name parameter (recording file name).

Build 965
1. Don’t save session information into session recording.

Build 964
1. Copy/Paste image, html formats with context menu in Chrome and Edge.
2. Fixed non-ssh message displayed in playeremote.html issue.

Build 963
1. Fixed compressed audio codec not working on Zoom issue.
2. Updated third party libraries: Apache HttpClient (4.5.13), PDFBOX (2.0.21), BouncyCastle (1.66), xmlsec (2.2.0).
3. Fixed Storage state error after resetting user two-factor authentication with HTTP API.

Build 962
1. Added errMsgCode and errMsgValue parameters, which can be used to send error information to users.
2. Fixed session information is visible in recorded SSH session issue.
3. Workaround for mouseup event can not be captured issue when session is in iframe and mouseup is trigged outside of iframe.

Build 961
1. Delete the PDF file generated by printing in 2 minutes after it’s downloaded (It was 20 seconds).

Build 960
1. Rollback the buffer size change introduced in build 959.

Build 959
1. Set soundPref=1 as a workaround of microphone audio issue in Zoom meeting.

Build 958
1. Fixed a VPN SSO issue on VNC connection.

Build 957
1. Added setLinks method to change “/DOWNLOAD?”, “/CLIP?” links.
2. Don’t show “Uploading finished” message after uploading was cancelled.
3. Default value of “userRegex” was changed to “.*(([Ll]ogin:)|([Uu]sername:))”, default value of “pwdRegex” was changed to “.*[Pp]assword:” for TELNET.

Build 956
1. Fixed “Cancel uploading” not working issue in RDP.
2. Supports “fontFamily”, “user”, “pwd”, “userRegex” and “pwdRegex” parameters in TELNET.

Build 955
1. Supports compression 3 DIB format for clipboard redirection.
2. Option to send multiple scancodes instead for specific unicode in appcfg.js: scancode: {‘a’: [{down: true, key: 0x2a}, {down: true, key: 2}, {down: false, key: 2}, {down: false, key: 0x2a}]}. This will send Shift+! scancodes if you press a (unicode keyboard only).
3. Set scale: true in appcfg.js to scale the remote screen automatically.
4. Make sure mouse pressing is released before user is reconnecting (This could cause mouse stuck on Hyper-V console session).

Build 954
1. supports csv format log. set csv.file (file path) and csv.size (default 2G) in gateway.conf.

Build 953
1. Fixed “length of null” issue on SSH when resizing the browser.
2. New domain attribute in servers.json for Active Directory query.

Build 952
1. Fixed browser side recording issue when server name is null.
2. Gateway can bind on a specific local network address with gw_local_bind HTTP header.
3. Fixed TCP_NO_DELAY not working issue on TELNET connection.
4. login.html can accept user, pwd parameters from the URL.
5. Fixed SSH copy issue after the browser window was resized.
6. Fixed SSH bank screen issue after the browser window was resized.

Build 951:
1. Ignore other user’s mouse input when one user is clicking or dragging on session shadowing.
2. Set tabCapture: false in appcfg.js to disable tab capture.
3. Don’t use black color anymore for cursor underline on session shadowing.

Build 950:
1. Fixed a Windows 2003 connecting issue when SSL is required by server
2. Allow invalid session number when fetching information for multi sessions (HTTP Session API).
3. Fixed “Please wait while connecting” not displayed issue on RemoteApp mode.
4. “smoothfont” is true by default for RDP.
5. Force hideLogin as false when joining a RemoteApp session.
6. Use single color for the underline of joined user’s cursor.

Build 949:

Supports Webcam redirection.
Supports Scanner redirection.
Supports ADFS OAuth2.
Get multi session information at a time with the HTTP session API: http://yourGateway/SESSION?ids=session1,sessions2&…
Fixed RemoteApp resizing issue.
Fixed a specific DIB format issue on clipboard redirection.
Fixed validTo parameter not working issue on HTTP SYMLINK API.
Known issues
IE does’t support audio recording (microphone redirection).
RemoteApp on separated Window doesn’t work on IE because of IE bug.
Windows doesn’t support NumpadEqual. Please use non-numpad or unicode keyboard instead.