5.8.0 July 4, 2019

File: SMB2 and SFTP access with file.html (SMB, SFTP proxy).
RDP: Recording, drive redriection etc can use SMB share.
RDP: Download (copy) files from RDP server directly without prompting (set fileUnprompted in gateway).
RDP: Async text, image copy/paste on Chrome (Image needs Ver 76 and later).
RDP: Don’t zip file when download (copy) one file only.
RDP: Fixed transferCredential: false not working on domain user issue.
RDP: Set transferCredential on data source (AD, LDAP data source in servers.json)
RDP: Progress notification of PDF converting.
RDP: Fixed InvalidPathException when file name has zone identifier (Alternative Data Stream) on redirected drive
RDP: Increased default printing timeout to 20 minutes (set maxPrintTime in gateway.conf)
RDP: Fixed duplicated PrtScn key issue on Linux Chrome.
RDP: set box-sizing of PDF dialog as “content-box” to avoid boostrap css conflict.
RDP: Copy/paste file doesn’t depend on mapDisk = true any more.
RDP: onloggedin event fired on XRDP too.
RDP: Fixed a PS to PDF converting error when printing big PDF files.
RDP: Fixed a high CPU usage issue caused by HTML to RTF converting (Copy/Paste).
RDP: Added Muti-Monitor option on login.html, login2.html, login3.html.
RDP: Fixed white screen issue when RDP session is redirected to a RDP server with multiple network cards.
RDP: Better timezone detection on non-IE browsers.
RDP: Send scancode instead for numbers on unicode keyboard.
VNC: Supports RFB3.7+
VNC: Supports TLS, VeNCrypt etc encryptions.
SSH: Deploy, test, run your application in the cloud with Spark Gateway and Spark Agent.
SSH: Supports ssh-rsa, ecdsa-sha2 certificates
SSH: User name can be undefined on certificate based authentication.
SSH: Improved SFTP file downloaing performance.
SSH: Session can be paused too.
SSH: Can upload file bigger than 1GB (up to 8PB).
SSH: Display image or download file with base64 command.
SSH: Fixed a Keyboard Interactive authentication issue.
SSH: SSH: Fixed a dsiplay issue with PowerShell on Linux.
SSH: onusername and onauthprompt events to customize authentication UI.
SSH: Text selcteion in SSH improved, background color is cutomisiable with hi5.appcfg.selectionColor = “white”
SSH: onclose supports “expected” argument too.
SSH: fixed onerror not fired issue when gateway is down.
SSH: Option to disable auto resolution change (set reconnectOnResize as false, same as RDP).
SSH: Added reconnect(width, height) method (same as RDP).
SSH: Fixed \| key issue on UK keyboard
SSH: Fixed disconnection issue when click on “Your position”.
Active Directory Integration: User can change the password from login.html and get notified when password will expire.
Added sso.html example for VPN integration.
Fixed a OpenLDAP authentication issue.
File Manager UI can be sorted by clicking on the table tile.
Increased default header size of HTTP to 16K from 8K (set maxRequestBytes in gateway.conf)
Improved performance on HTTP Sessin API.

Known issues
IE does’t support audio recording (microphone redirection).
RemoteApp on separated Window doesn’t work on IE because of IE bug.