Build 935
1. SSH: Fixed browser no response issue with large output.
2. RDP: Fixed appcfg.numLock = true not working issue on specific RDP severs.
3. RDP: Try to close all active RemoteApps when connection is disconnected by setting appcfg.closeRemoteApp = true.
4. RDP: Fixed IntlRo, IntlYen input issue on Japanese keybaord (Unicode only)

Build 934
1. hi5.appcfg.ctrlToWin option to disable mapping Ctrl key to Windows key on macOS.
2. RDP: Fixed Numlock disabled issue when resizing the browser.

Build 933
1. RDP: new onnetworkresult(result) event and getNetworkResult() for Network Characteristics. disabled by default, set hi5.appcfg.detectNetwork = true to enable it.
2. RDP: hi5.appcfg.displayVC option to disable Display Update Virtual Channel.
3. More arguments for com.toremote.gateway.Encryption tool, which can encrypt passwords in gateway.conf automatically, and return encrypted password without user input.
4. Allow unverified email for access token in OAuth2 (Fixed a parsing error with Okta).
5. Don’t rename the file name any more when copy file from the server.
6. Physical keyboard can be used directly on iOS (No need to click the keyboard icon).

Build 932
1. VNC: Catch invalid resolution error when connecting to extra port on TightVNC.
2. Fixed a RemoteApp window resizing issue.

Build 931:
1. VNC: Supports Apple user name, password authentication.
2. VNC: Better performance on Tight encoding.

Build 930:
1. Remove expired symlink every 5 minutes.
2. New delSymlinkServer switch in gateway.conf, if it’s true (default is false), the gateway will delete the related server if a symlink was deleted.
3. Fixed first key not working issue after pressing numpad key with Unicode keyboard and French local.
4. Display full user name instead on cursor with session shadowing.

Build 929:
1. Use fewer memory when copying file from remote to local.
2. Fixed onurlredirection not working issue.
3. Fixed AltGr, ! key issues on IE/Edge with French unicode keyboard.
4. Fixed player seeking position issue, and dependency on remotectl canvas on VNC playback.
5. Fixed beforeupload return true not working issue.

Build 928:
1. Don’t query DNS when host name is not in whitelist.
2. Fixed number and Alt+NumPad input issue on unicode keyboard combined with local French OS.

Build 927:
1. RDP: Added resetSize(width, height) to adjust the resolution for remote desktop and display and display area for RemoteApp.
2. VNC: Fixed a recorded file playing back issue.
3. VNC: Fixed sending extra KEY_RESERVED when pressing SYSRQ on TigerVNC with RawKeyboard enabled.
4. VNC/SSH: Fixed connection issue when confirmJoin is true.
5. ALL: LocalInteface supports customized ui components: var surface = new svGlobal.LocalInteface(canvas, {notifications: new hi5.Notification(rootContainer), pcKey: yourPckKey, toolbar: yourToolbar});
6. Fixed seekbar position not working issue when playing recorded ssh session.

Build 926
1. RDP: Close the file downloading notification after the file was downloaded.

Build 925
1. VNC: Fixed no keyboard input issue when qemu keyboard extension enabled in the VNC server.

Build 924
1. RDP: Fixed session disconnecting issue when fileUnprompted is set in gateway.conf in a rare case.
2. RDP: Fixed wrong key generated issue when pressing Shift+7, NumPad_Add on Unicode keybaord.
3. RDP: Fixed Ctrl+PrtScn generateing PrtScn down/up, Ctrl down/up issue.
4. RDP: hi5.appcfg.remoteCursor = true to use remote cursor only.
5. Fixed element of null issue when closing a session.

Build 923
1. Fixed SSO not working issue on RD webfeed integration.
2. Fixed getButton of null (toolbar) issue.

Build 922:
1. Fixed Illegal char * issue on RDWeb feed integration (Invalid Windows Path).

Build 921:
1. The gateway sets a JESSIONID cookie, which can be used by load balancer.
2. FILE: Fixed “Marlformed URL” exception in SMB2/SFTM file proxy.