Build 924
1. RDP: Fixed session disconnecting issue when fileUnprompted is set in gateway.conf in a rare case.
2. RDP: Fixed wrong key generated issue when pressing Shift+7, NumPad_Add on Unicode keybaord.
3. RDP: Fixed Ctrl+PrtScn generateing PrtScn down/up, Ctrl down/up issue.
4. RDP: hi5.appcfg.remoteCursor = true to use remote cursor only.
5. Fixed element of null issue when closing a session.

Build 923
1. Fixed SSO not working issue on RD webfeed integration.
2. Fixed getButton of null (toolbar) issue.

Build 922:
1. Fixed Illegal char * issue on RDWeb feed integration (Invalid Windows Path).

Build 921:
1. The gateway sets a JESSIONID cookie, which can be used by load balancer.
2. FILE: Fixed “Marlformed URL” exception in SMB2/SFTM file proxy.