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The server side component (SparkGateway.jar) can be used as a library and included in your project. You may want to remove the third party libraries from the jar if you have version conflict. Make sure following packages are not removed:

  1. com.toremote.*
  2. net.protocol.*

To start the gateway server, you can use: com.toremote.gateway.SparkGateway.main(String[] args)
com.toremote.gateway.SparkGateway.init(String[] args) or com.toremote.gateway.SparkGateway.init(Properties p)

Following arguments can be used:

-c=C:\SparkGateway\gateway.conf (specify the location of gateway.conf, you can also use SparkGateway.init(Properties p) to transfer the configuration values instead of specify the file location).
-console (output logs to console only)

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64 bit Spark View can only run on 64 bit JDK/JRE, 32 bit Spark View can runs on 32 bit or 64 bit JDK/JRE.

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The 64 bit JDK can allocate more memory (> 2GB) to java applications, but 32 bit JDK is usually 0%-10% faster. SparkGateway doesn’t use too much memory, so you can install 32bit JDK and keep an eye on the memory usage. Also make sure you are using JDK instead of JRE if you are using 32bit Java, because 32 bit JRE doesn’t include the server side JIT.

Category: SparkView
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