Build 912
1. RDP: Fixed object is null issue (obj.uuid) when useWorker == true;
2. RDP: Timeout is configurable when converting printing job to PDF (maxPrintTime in gateway.conf).
3. RDP: Notify user printing (PDF Converting) status.
4. RDP: Fixed a high CPU usage issue caused by HTML to RTF converting (Copy/Paste).
5. Set maxRequestBytes for HTTP header size (default is 8K).

Build 911
1. RDP: Added Muti-Monitor option on login.html, login2.html, login3.html.
2. Fixed empty user name issue (Sessions) on config.html.
3. RDP: Fixed white screen issue when RDP session is redirected to a RDP server with multiple network cards.
4. RDP: rdpdirect.html use web address as default gateway if the gateway parameter is not set.
5. Disabled auto complete on all password fields.

Build 910
1. Change password on AD integration.
2. Password expiration (in 9 days) notification on AD integration.

Build 909
1. sso.html for VPN integration

Build 907
1. SSH: can upload file bigger than 1GB (up to 8PB).

Build 906
1. Text selcteion in SSH improved, background color is cutomisiable with hi5.appcfg.selectionColor = “white”
2. RDP: Right click copy/paste is supported on Chrome and IE (Text only).
3. SSH: ssh.mapCmdToCtrl = false to disable mapping command key to control key on macOS.

Build 905
1. Fixed file downloading issue when using login.html.
2. Better timezone detection on non-IE browsers.

Build 904
1. SSH: onclose supports “expected” argument too.
2. SSH: fixed onerror not fired issue when gateway is down.
3. Improved performance on HTTP Sessin API.

Build 903 (5.7)
1. RDP: Send scancode instead of numbers on unicode keyboard.
2. SSH: Option to disable auto resolution change (set reconnectOnResize as false, same as RDP).
3. SSH: Added reconnect(width, height) method (same as RDP).

Build 902

1. SSH: Fixed \| key issue on UK keyboard
2. SSH: Fixed disconnection issue when click on “Your position”.

Build 901

1. RDP will automatically choose the best printer driver instead of “MS Publisher Imagesetter” for target OS if printer driver is not configured in gateway.conf (Tested on Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 7, 10).
2. The gateway will not send license expiry message to the browser anymore.
3. Fixed a deadlock issue on session shadowing.
4. SSH: Fixed ping method an affect VIM editor input issue.

Build 900

1. Fixed a regression bug introduced in build 899: File downloading will stop working if you join the same session from same browser.(Click the join link from the information dialog).

Build 899

1. Fixed issue that people can download other user’s file if they know the user GUID and file name (rdpcore_min.js, SparkGateway.jar). Cookie in browser must be enabled, otherwise, user can not download files.

2. Fixed file dialog disappear issue when resizing the browser (surface_min.js).

Build 898

1. Fixed unicode file name encoding issue when gateway running on Ubuntu.
2. Fixed file uploading dialog becoming smaller bug after uploading files when bootstrap css is used.
3. Fixed Safari audio playing back issue when open RDP connection in an new window.
4. Fixed VNC memory leak issue when keep connecting and disconnecting.
5. Fixed SSH display issue when connecting to Procurve and Aruba Switches.
6. Fixed SFTP(SSH) downloading issue when file path includes ..

Build 895
1. Fixed encrypted PDF file printing issue. (SparkGateway.jar).
2. Fixed 2 PDF files generated issue when printing multiple files. (SparkGateway.jar)
3. Fixed resizing issue with IE on Kiosk Mode. (rdp_min.js)
4. Fixed WVONE-15289 RDP: After Zoom-out and Zoom-In to 100%, the resolution falls back to default (rdp_min.js)
5. Fixed file uploading issue when the file size is bigger than 6G (now up to 8PB).
6. Third party library: PDFBox updated to 2.0.12, Added libraries which were removed from Java 11: jaxb-api, javax.mail; tested with Oracle Java 11 and OpenJDK 11.